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    Name: - Olivia Janae
    Birthdate: - Monday, November 10 2003
    Age: - 12 years, 6 months, 14 days
  • Birth: 8 pounds 6 ounces & 20 inches
  • 1 year: 18 pounds 10 ounces & 28 1/4 inches
  • Current Weight/Height: 44 pounds/44 inches 11.08
  • Nicknames: Miss O, Livi
  • Favorite Toys/Activities: books, paints, play dough, dress up, cooking projects, riding her bike, going to preschool


    Name: - Melina Kristine
    Birthdate: - Monday, April 11 2005
    Age: - 11 years, 1 month, 13 days
  • Birth: 8 pounds 12.8 ounces & 22 inches long
  • 1 year: 19 pounds 5 oz & 30 inches
  • Current Weight: 34 pounds
  • Nicknames: Mina, Mina-Bina
  • Favorite Toys: Coloring, Puzzles, playing outside on bike. She loving preschool this year!

Guestbook Entries

Brandy and crew (Sunday, March 8 2009)

Hi Nora!!! Wow, look at the girls. They are so big. Just beautiful.

Grandma Mimi (Thursday, May 29 2008)

Oh, your girls are so cute if this grandma says so herself! You website is great! Looking forward to the next time I see the girls and looking forward to seeing you and James this weekend. ...more

Mimi (Saturday, December 8 2007)

Hey, what happened to the babies?? All I see are kids on your website ;) Olivia and Melina are just gorgeous as ever! Thank you for keeping us updated.

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(Monday, April 23 2007)

I haven''t updated this part of the scrapbook in so long. At least you can see the girls in current pictures and videos. Melina just turned 2 and is keeping up with her big sister Livi all ...more

(Friday, January 27 2006)

Wow! I''m so bad at keeping this site updated now! Sorry. We are doing well. Livi is a very busy 2 year old now. She keeps me very busy as well as very entertained! ...more

(Thursday, August 4 2005)

I know I haven''t posted on here in a long time. Melina is coming out of the other side of a 3+ month bout of colic and failure to thrive. She is doing so good now - ...more

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